Mind-body health with ayurveda

Did you know that mind-body health is much more than the absence of disease? You may be out of balance without a disease label and not even know it.

The Red Pantz approach to mind-body health puts the ancient wisdom of ayurveda in the context of modern life. Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that has stood the test of time. It’s a nature-based healing system that works on a holistic level using natural means. Think of lifestyle, diet, herbs and ayurvedic treatments.

We’ll help you learn how to spot imbalances from broken sleep and energy slumps to racing thoughts and cravings. And then explore our tools, courses and MY24/7™ ayurveda-based self-care collection to help you get back on track.

What we cover

Make more informed lifestyle choices for better health and performance. Have more energy, less stress and manage concerns naturally.
Make better decisions. Improve your performance, wellness and stress responses with breathing and meditation.
From yoga to functional movement, keep your body–and mind–balanced, strong and resilient.
Learn to use food as medicine. Find out which foods work best when and what to avoid. Build healthy eating habits.

Ayurvedic wisdom for our modern lives

Thrive with sanity

Access ayurveda-inspired materials, exercises and hacks to help you thrive with sanity and live with balance.

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7 ways to healthy eating habits

Learn about your digestion and the circadian rhythm, when healthy foods become unhealthy, eating for stress and more.

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