Why Red Pantz exists

Your well-being is our purpose. Master the habits and tools to build resilience; feed your body, mind and spirit with goodness; and take good care of yourself. After all, even airlines will tell you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. 

Red Pantz is about self-care at home and at work for better wellness and productivity. Our approach is based on time-tested, ancient ayurvedic teachings mixed with research-backed modern science, and decades of learning and iterating in corporate Silicon Valley. 

What we do

Mind-body health

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Events and wellness parties

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self-care collection

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MY24/7™ certified organic skin care and specialty teas

MY24/7: a nod to the circadian rhythm and nature

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Our packaging: good for what's inside and planet

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Why people love MY24/7

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Ayurvedic wisdom for our modern lives

Covid-19 front line care

Red Pantz has donated body butters and other products to help care for our first responders.

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Live more, stress less

Find out why zebras don’t get ulcers and we do, why stress attacks the heart, the real reason for practicing yoga, and more.

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Ayurvedic workday planner

When you follow the circadian rhythm, life flows better. Our handy guide shows you the “circadian” way to organize your workday.

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